Amy Sins

New Orleans-born, Louisiana native, and media personality Amy Sins has played many roles over the course of her professional journey. She wants to do it all – help people, feed people, teach, and inspire. Through a superhuman level of energy, a deep well of empathy, and the inability to accept the word “no,” she’s accomplishing all that and more. Her determination to “pay it forward” after losing everything when the levees failed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this self-described “girl with a cell phone” developed a template for quick and effective disaster relief. Her self-directed mandate to take on new challenges and learn about the world increased her focus to make the world a better place.

Beth Blistan

For over three decades, Beth has dedicated her professional life to client service, sales and collaboration. Her interest in health, for both people and the planet, has shaped her life outside of work. Beth spends her free time living her values, picking up trash on neighborhood streets, composting, recycling, planting native plants and providing habitat for pollinators.

Elizabeth Brister

Louisiana native and Loyola graduate currently residing in California. Medical device sales by day, ardent animal advocate and rogue do gooder.

Joel Velazquez
Information Technology

Like other active-duty members who extended their service beyond their military uniform, Joel entered the non-profit community offering his military skills to assist with the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East and Europe. Joel is an active-duty Marine and a Purple Heart Medal recipient that brings over 13 years of military operations and intelligence experience. Inspired by his father’s 30 years of selfless service as a firefighter and paramedic, Joel strives to follow his father’s sacrifice by helping at-risk and vulnerable communities domestically and internationally. His devotion to his calling allows him to design and implement digital solutions, meeting organizational needs with a steadfast commitment to coordination, integration affordability, and ease of use.

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