Lahaina/Maui Wildfires

Fill the Needs, a driving force behind collaborative humanitarian efforts, spearheaded this mission.  On September 18th, a specially-chartered 747SP aircraft, laden with nearly 30 tons of supplies, successfully landed at the Maui airport.  This was the largest plane in years to land on the island. Notably, every item on board was meticulously requested by the Maui community, ensuring that the assistance was tailored to their unique needs. Distribution of these requested supplies began immediately after unloading, ensuring swift and effective delivery to those in need. 

Fill the Needs’ mission is driven by a deep commitment to humanitarian causes and a desire to make a tangible and lasting impact on communities. This collaborative effort highlights the  outcomes that can be achieved when organizations unite and work together.  

Collaborating closely with Fill the Needs were several non-profit organizations, including members of Task Force Lahaina, Calvary Central Maui, Flanders Fields, We Fight Monsters, KahaKukahi Foundation, Regenerative Education Centers, UPS Foundation, Lift, City Serve, Good 360, and Coyote Logistics. Together, they have showcased the profound impact that collaboration can have on a community in need.

Key contributors included Rad Power Bikes, Guitar Center Foundation, Shark Ninja, Gund/Spinmaster, Stanley/Black & Decker, Southard, Step 2, Sunking Refurbished Electronics, Jetson, Priority Bikes, Kekoa Organic Products, Parmalata USA, Slick Deals, The Step 2 Company, Yvolution World, Guitar Center Foundation, Carey Reiley Media, Sports Grants, and ADRA.

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