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Since August 15, 2021 our team has been assisting with relocation and resettlement for Americans, Green Card Holders, SIVs, P1s, P2s and Human Rights Defenders.  We are actively assisting 4 families actively resettled in the United States.  Our caseload  in Afghanistan includes 30 human rights defenders, journalists, doctors, college students, teachers and former US partners.

/ $600,000


We are assisting three families in Texas on their resettlement and one family in Virginia. At the end of February 2022, our team coordinated an 18-wheeler of resettlement supplies for 200 Afghan families in Texas. Supplies included baby items, toys, non-perishables, furniture, housewares and more. Special thanks to the team at Flanders Fields and the Patel Foundation for managing the distribution.


Afghanistan Youth Leaders Assembly- AYLA is dedicated to promoting youth empowerment, gender equality, and combating violence against women by empowering them to reclaim their rights, dignity, and voice in the community. Their current program provides over 100 virtual classes and free wifi to girls unable to attend school under the Taliban regime. We are actively assisting their organization with relocation options. There are 25 AYLA members and their families seeking for resettlement and evacuation so they can keep efforts going from a safe and secure location free from threat.

Legend & Rose House

Our team is coordinating with Legend Group to provide resources supporting Rose House. Rose house provides transitional housing for families who are able to flee Afghanistan. Rose house operates on a budget of $3000 a month and provides a safe and comfortable transition space for multiple families.

At Risk Family Support

Our team is currently working with network partners to assist several at risk Afghan families in their efforts to obtain passports, travel documents and to identify appropriate resettlement agencies. The challenge is great for families who wish to evacuate Afghanistan. Borders are not open and families must purchase very costly passports and visas in order to apply for interviews with embassies in hopes of resettlement and escape. Average cost for a safe evacuation for a family of four is about $15,000. Those families must also have living expenses for up to 12 months in Pakistan while they await visa processing. Living expenses for a high-risk family of 4 averages about $1000 per month or more. These families are not allowed to find work to help support themselves.

Amazon Wish Lists

Families resettling in the US and other countries are starting from scratch, many with only the clothes on their backs. Our team is working with several families to establish Amazon wishlists. These lists will allow donors to ship items directly to the family.

Baheer Family

Amazon Wish List

Azizi Family

Amazon Wish List

Rasulzada Family

Amazon Wish List

Mission Network Partners

Mission Challenges

  • Evacuations

  • Visas & Passports

  • Transitional Housing

  • Safety of American Partners and Human Rights Defenders

  • Resettlement

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