2022 Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief

On August 29th, Hurricane Ian, made landfall on the Floridian island of Cayo Costa. With sustained winds of over 150 miles an hour, Ian was characterized as a Category 4 hurricane, wreaking havoc in its path. 

Our team worked with over 60 organization partners to provide relief to impacted areas. We provided over seventeen 18-wheelers filled with essential supplies to communities impacted by the storm.  Fill the Needs supported partners on search & rescue, medical response, clean up, logistics, transportation, technology and satellite imaging. 

In 2.5 weeks, our team logged over 2200 volunteer hours to assist in this effort.

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How did this come to our attention?

From group chats and countless hours on the phone, Fill the Needs’ Executive Director Amy Sins, led the initiative to help those who would have needs due to Hurricane Ian. Her determined efforts included monitoring the situation, coordinating support, and assembling disaster response resources with a vast network of like-minded partners. 

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